Social Media Strategies

Marc Parham of Capbuilder Talk discusses social media questions with Martin Pratt.  

Developing Your Idea and Writing Your Business Plan

    Join us tonight for the special broadcast as we discuss Developing Your Idea and Writing Your Business Plan.  Marc's special guest this evening are new entrepreneurs that have been in his Business Plan Development Workshop at the Urban League of Greater Atlanta.  For the past 4 weeks they have been learning how [...]

Pitch Your Business

Networking is only beneficial when you can quickly engage people in conversation about your business. Do you have a short engaging pitch for your business? Does it  include:  "WHAT" service or product your invoice for, "HOW" you are uniquely different from the competition, and "WHY" you are so passionate [...]

Create Your Email Signature

Creating an email signature is a professional way to end a correspondence. It reminds people how to get in touch with you thru the various communication vehicles available. Here is a highly visual signature for emails that directs them to your special landing page.     View this video for [...]